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Salt water in their veins!

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One of the most noticeable things about the Mountifield family in the 19th Century is their connection with the sea.

In the first half of the century the men in the family were coastguards. Records in the National Archives show that John Mountifield, born 1772 in West Itchenor, West Sussex, was the first of our coastguards. He was stationed at Selsea Bill, West Sussex, as Chief Boatman, before being appointed to Felpham, West Sussex, on 18th December 1817 in the position of Chief Officer. Two years later, on 15th December 1819, he was appointed to Shoeburyness, Essex, again as Chief Officer, where he remained until 1823 when the station was withdrawn. His next two appointments, to Corton and Caister, were both withdrawn and it appears he then retired on a pension and returned to his home in West Itchenor.

Itchenor Waterfront 1803

His son,John Mountifield, born 1794 in West Itchenor, was also stationed at Selsea Bill. Listed as John Mountifield Junior, he was a Boatman and on 17th February 1818 he was appointed to Atherfield on the Isle of Wight. His next appointment, on 16th Dec 1820, was to Worthing, West Sussex, still with the rank of Boatman. On 11th February 1822 he was promoted to Commissioned Boatman and appointed to Southsea Castle, Hampshire. On 17th January 1825 he was appointed to Portsmouth Harbour, promoted again to Chief Boatman, and he remained there until his discharge on 29th December 1848.
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